Christina's story

"Without a focus on effective internal communication, businesses may be underachieving and not even know it - the same applies to departments and teams. Similarly, many people don't know just how simple it is to improve the way they personally communicate to achieve more impact and positive results..."

"I 'fell' into Internal Communications at the end of the eighties, well before it became an established management discipline within organisations. This was the start of my very unplanned career which has spanned the whole spectrum of Internal Communications duties from team, department and function start-ups, strategy, campaign, programme and channel development, right through to change and event management."

"In 2002, I had the chance to go to Belgium for a few years, followed by a three-year stint in Germany. This was a transformational and culturally-stimulating experience that came with numerous challenges, but many opportunities also."

"During this time, I had the privilege of travelling the world for my work and organised many complex, high-profile events in various locations, including Barcelona, Istanbul, New York, Interlaken and Berlin. Some memories really stand out, for example a dinner party (for 250 colleagues) on the Great Wall of China and a private performance from the Chinese Opera and the Shaolin Monks at the Forbidden City in Beijing."

"During my career, I have developed a range of Internal Communications products to deal with the issues faced by many organisations today, including: a communication skills e-learning tool for managers; communication skills training for managers and employees; measurement tools to help organisations track receipt and understanding of key messages; and a best practice database to support knowledge-sharing and professional development amongst communications professionals."

"I have also very often been 'in the thick of it' during organisational change, providing Internal Communications and change management expertise to support some of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the logistics industry."

"A common thread for me in all the organisations I've worked in over the last decade has been coaching; which I refer to as the 'psychological element' of Internal Communications. I have supported numerous leaders, departments, teams and individuals with their leadership and communications issues; defining personalised solutions based on years of business communications experience and instinct."