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Women @ workWorkshops

The following workshops can be run for groups or teams, in and outside the workplace. Come to this page to see where and when sessions are taking place, or contact us if you would like to arrange one for you and a group of friends or colleagues. All workshops cost £55 per person unless otherwise stated.

Positive interactions for Women
Do you want to be more confident, both in and out of the workplace? Do you sometimes need to give presentations, lead meetings or manage others but don't know where to start? Do you find it stressful to deal with difficult people and situations? Are you going for promotion or do you want to change your life in a specific direction, but you're unsure about how to put your 'Game Plan' together?

Succeeding in a male dominated environment
Do you work in a man's world and find it hard to find your voice? Are you a lone female manager among a team where it's "jobs for the boys" and you feel a bit of an outsider? Do you regularly find yourself having tough or tricky conversations to set boundaries and gain respect? Do you manage an all male team? Are you struggling to get your ideas, plans and proposals taken seriously or implemented? Do you have a male boss with whom you find it difficult to communicate? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this session is for you.

Improving your Work/Life balance
Does it feel as if you are drowning, work has taken over and you are "living to work", rather than "working to live"? Are you constantly exhausted, struggling to focus on anything outside work and behind with important personal tasks and 'life admin'?
Are you constantly working long hours during the week, sleeping it off at the weekend yet you still feel as if you are "running on empty"?
Come along to this session and get some practical guidance and tools to help you to deliver at work, but grab your life back at the same time.

Building your career/Going for promotion
Are you looking for a challenge at work? Has a promotion come up that you wish to apply for, or can you see an opportunity to progress? Are you keen to take on extra projects to develop your skills? Do you need help formulating your case or preparing your CV and application? Come along to this workshop and leave with a personalised action plan to help you climb the next rung of your career ladder.

Getting the life you want and deserve
Do you feel stuck in a rut? Enjoying most aspects of your life, but feeling unfulfilled as if there must be something more? Do you want to make some changes, but don't know where to start? Is there a hobby or passion that's been lying dormant that you want to bring to the surface and explore? Do you want to get up in the morning with a renewed sense of purpose and passion for life? Look no further, this workshop will help you clarify how you want to move forward and give you some practical guidance on how to get there.

Your image & dressing with impact
Do you feel stuck in a wardrobe rut but don't know how to climb out? Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Do you feel the clothes you are wearing aren't really you, but struggle to find outfits that you really love? Do you find accessories, hair and make-up a bind? This session will give you some easy to follow tips on how to feel fabulous and dressed for the occasion, whether you are stepping out to work, the supermarket, or a night out.

And especially for mums...

Staying sane for new mums
Adjusting to life as mother to your new arrival(s) is one of life's most amazing, yet challenging situations. This small helpless creature is completely dependent on you and very quickly you get swallowed up into the world and cycle of feeds, nappies, washing and hardly any sleep. After an initial period, you start to climb out the other side and feel yourself again, but your world has been transformed...how do you 'find yourself again' among the mountain of nappies? How can you effectively manage your new 'day job' and home life at the same time...in fact...how can you get your life back and start to feel like the 'old you' again? Come along with your little one, to this two hour session and get some hints and tips on how to retain your sense of self, while embracing being a mum
This session costs £30

Juggling for working mums - how to work and still have a life
Being a working mum, takes the term 'multi-skilling' to a whole new level, however, some mums just seem to have the knack and others have to work harder at keeping all those balls in the air. What are the tried and tested 'magic tricks' that some mums use to stay on top of the multiple demands on their time? How do they do all that while still looking good and smiling? If you are a working mum in need of help and a glass of wine, come along to this evening session for a drink, nibbles and down-to-earth practical advice that will help you avoid becoming totally frazzled.
This two hour session costs £35

Mums back to work/CV Workshop
If you've been on maternity leave or taken an extended career break to care for your family and are now looking to get back into the workplace or want to start your own business, this session is for you. Come along and join other women in the same situation in a friendly confidential environment to get a practical review of your CV and experience, hints & tips on how to market it, advice on how to prepare online job applications (letters and tailoring your CV to specific roles/adverts), guidance for interviews, including dealing with those killer questions that are sometimes posed specifically to women and, how to put your personal action plan together.