Holisticomm was founded by Christina Fee, a senior Internal Communications specialist and coach with over 20 years experience gained while working for some of the world's largest blue chip, global organisations e.g. Guinness, Marsh, The AA , DHL & Deutsche Post World Net, the BBC and easyJet. Christina is currently studying the International Coach Academy's Certified Professional Coach Programme to consolidate her 10 years of in-house coaching experience.

At Holisticomm, we draw on years of global, corporate and change management experience to offer a range of Internal Communications and coaching services to help organisations, teams and individuals improve the way they communicate. We also provide special coaching services for women. We pride ourselves on a personal, culturally-sensitive approach which tunes into the psychological, change and social factors present, rather than just looking at the technical or process needs on the surface. Holisticomm is based in the UK and open to working in any location in the UK, Europe or further afield.

Holisticomm's people-focused ethos is based on providing professional, quality-conscious, creative and results-driven Internal Communications and coaching expertise. Our intuitive approach allows us to swiftly identify an organisation, team or individual's communications needs. We achieve this by working closely with our clients, listening actively to ensure that first and foremost their problems are clearly understood, before coaching them to identify their key issues and develop an action plan to achieve the agreed goals.

Our clients have praised our down-to-earth, practical approach and we have extensive experience of working with all levels, from VIPs, politicians, CEOs and other senior management to front-line employees.

Holisticomm is available to support you by working inside your organisation on an interim basis to support specific projects, or we can be retained as an external partner to you and your team. Holisticomm also provides tailored support, coaching and mentoring for Internal Communications practitioners and other professionals or individuals looking to develop their personal communication, presentation and leadership skills.